DEFIANCE by Patrick Shanley
directed by T.J. Walsh*

*Outstanding Direction Award, DFW Theatre Critics Circle

'DEFIANCE' intellegently delves into military moral dilemma
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
by Mark Lowry

In the first two of John Patrick Shanley's plays in the projected trilogy, Doubt and Defiance, the playwright tackles profound moral questions about once-unassailable institutions. Defiance, which opened in an astutely acted production at Theatre Three on Monday, it's the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. The story could easily unfold in court-room-movie-of-the-week style, but Shanley is too smart for that. The audience knows just enough to stay on seat's edge.

Directed by T.J. Walsh, Bryan Pitts, David Fluitt and Drew Wall give stirring performances. Steven Pounders as Lt. Col. Littlefield creates a likeable human out of a stern military ladder-climber and hero whom others are afraid to challenge. We also honestly believe his is head-over-heels for his wife. Speaking of which, Diane Worman as Margaret Littlefield might be the star here. She gives us a smart woman whose heart-breaking final scene drives home what has already be a riveting production.