ROUNDING THIRD by Richard Dresser
directed by T.J. Walsh

"Richard Dresser's delightful new comedy, Rounding Third, examines American notions of competition, parenting, friendship, love and grief through the eyes of two polar opposite coaches. The play's first North Texas staging has landed in Theatre Three's ballpark where director T.J. Walsh and two MVP caliber actors Doug Jackson and Jeffery Schmidt, belt a four-bagger." Perry Stewart, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

* * * *

"In Rounding Third, Richard Dresser's warm little comedy about baseball and friendship, two coaches -- one a veteran (Doug Jackson), one a newbie (Jeffrey Schmidt) -- watch their Chicago Little League team progress through a season. And we watch them watching baseball games we can't really see. Somehow it works, making for a winning play about wanting to win. This production has nice subtle work from the two actors under the direction of T.J. Walsh." Elaine Liner, Dallas Observer