directed by T.J. Walsh
Hays Theatre, TCU

A youtube look at the TCU Production:

In this touching and very funny comedy prequel to Melrose Stories we see young Tom Kellogg living in his San Francisco flat in the 1980s trying to sort out the complexities that have become his life. The play is four different scenes set in Tom's flat leading to major decisions in his life.

In the first story A PAS DE DEUX IN REMEMBRANCE we see Tom having to contend with a former lover, Jane, a dancer for the San Francisco Ballet, whom he still loves. In the second story A SEMINAR IN B FLAT, we find a graduate student from Columbia University who shows up for an early morning interview with Tom about his books but she really is more interested in his private life (and Jane) that are suggested in his books. In the third story AT RISE, we find Tom awake at 3am being confronted by his live-in girlfriend, Irene, an actress who is starring in a new play he has written, who is up and reading one of his books that happens to be about Jane. And finally in the fourth play, MAKE BELIEVE BALLROOM, Tom has a comic but moving heart-to-heart with his best friend, Joe, about the women in his life and his next step - to head out to New York City (where Jane has moved).

This is a funny and touching comedy. The four plays work brilliantly as an evening or each can stand up as a one-act of their own.

Single Set
5 Characters
3 women, 2 men