"As [Pleading Infinity] progresses, the emotional arc of Bob's journey moves to the fore. This is Walsh's real accomplishment as a playwright and story teller, and is all the more remarkable for the subtlety with which it occurs." Todd Carlstrom, nytheatre.com

"Born on a Sunday is an amazing accomplishment in and of itself, but the fact that Walsh is able to fashion a production of such superior quality with non-professional actors in training is mind blowing." M.Lance Lusk, D Magazine  

"Mr. Walsh has looked past recent romantic comedies for models and gone straight to the top. The juxtaposition of low popular humor with serious characters and situations feels Shakespearean, in a nicely unpretentious way. The laughs are there, and the deeper emotions as well...Melrose Stories is a real contribution to the vanishing genre of romantic comedy." Lawson Taitte, Dallas Morning News